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-Iranians ‘Celebrate’ U.S. Embassy Takeover

by Dr. D ~ November 3rd, 2008

image TEHRAN, Iran – After 29 years they are still celebrating the 1979 take-over of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran. It has become tantamount to a national holiday.

While Americans are consuming their trick or treat candy, on November 2 each year, thousands of Iranians including hundreds of students, mark the occasion by crowding around the former embassy building and burn American flags, chant slogans, and listen to current Iranian leaders shout out tirades against the ‘Great Satan‘–USA and Israel.

Whether we like it or not, Iran still considers us an enemy and according to the account, this will not change no matter who is elected president.

This is particularly scary since a recent report confirms that within 5 years, Iran will have missiles capable of reaching Europe and North America. This is Why it’s imperative to curtail the Iranian nuclear weapon program while it is still possible.            *Top 

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2 Responses to -Iranians ‘Celebrate’ U.S. Embassy Takeover

  1. DeWayne

    Curtailing the Iranian nuclear (weapon) program, it would seem that you need communicate with the UN Int’l Atomic Energy Agency leaders, that in 2007 called such remarks as from the US-Gov as Hype, and in their 2008 report advises Iran is within the 3.5%-grade enriching of uranium, suitable only for Atomic Power Plants (it taking at least 90%-grade for Atomic Weapons).
    If you really want to worry, about radical nation’s in the Middle East that the US actually helped obtain nuclear tech and materials, and now has nuclear weapons, you would be referring to either Pakistan or the secular-Zionist gov of Israel.
    The Bible commands Christians to become as wise as the serpent/snake, my experience is finding considerably more wisdom of this nature (informed) among the secular of this nation.

  2. Dr. D

    We should be concerned about Pakistan for sure.

    It is true that Iran has shown The UN only 3.5-5% grade uranium but they haven’t disclosed and taken them to all of their research sites.
    With over 6,000 centrifuges(BBC Apr. 8,2008)they have the capability to enrich eventually to the weapons-grade level–according to a UN Int’l Atomic Energy Agency report issued last spring.
    Though the threat is not immediate it should be taken seriously considering the current leaders and their shia apocalyptic views.

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