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-Does the Doll Really Say: "Islam is The Light"?

by Dr. D ~ October 23rd, 2008

(Video run time 1:01)

This is one of those fun stories that comes along every once in a while. I actually found it in the newspaper (OC Register 10/23/08, Local p.1) but it is all over the Net.

Mattel toy Co. is receiving lot’s of complaints from folks who say that their Fisher-Price ‘Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo’ doll is promoting Islam. Mattel claims that it is only baby talk which they will change in the future.

Many believe that they hear the doll clearly say: “Islam is the light” among the coos and baby talk the doll is supposed to mimic. Listen to the video, does sorta sound like it. What do you think?

Response: What if the doll sounded like it said something against Islam? After all, there is already a ‘fatwa’ against Barbie and Mickey mouse!—and remember the Teddy Bear called Muhammad?

Can you imagine buildings burning, thousands of Muslims in the streets, heads rolling, plus fatwas and death squads searching for Mattel execs? Good thing it says something positive about Islam!            *Top 

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2 Responses to -Does the Doll Really Say: "Islam is The Light"?

  1. Stephen Gash

    Fisher-Price said “The power of suggestion has alot to do with it”.

    Yes, which is why people are complaining!

    The manufacturer should explain how the sounds are made, how they are put into the doll, (are they recorded, for example?) and so on.

    They should then find out whether the person/s who chose the sounds to go into the product is/are muslims. Most people suspect that these “baby noises” were listened to extensively before the doll was released onto the market.

    Most people also suspect that if the random baby sounds said “Islam is a pile o’ poo” then the doll would have been pulled from the market immediately somebody even suggested it sounded as such.

    “Boycott Fisher-Price”. Well that’s what I heard a doll say this morning.

  2. Dr. D

    Stephen, great comments. Thanks for visiting.

    “Boycott Fisher-Price”. Well that’s what I heard a doll say this morning.”– lol you started my morning out right!

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