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-Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks on Iraqi Christians

by Dr. D ~ October 17th, 2008

image (Photo: Episcopal Life Online / Matthew Davies)

Seventeen prominent Muslim leaders condemned the recent attacks on Christian families in Mosul, Iraq and said that there was no Islamic justification for such terrorism.

The leaders were deeply troubled to hear about the violence which has now forced over 8,300 Christians flee from their homes in the last two weeks.

The Muslims leaders, who were in London at an interfaith conference hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, issued the following statement along with Christian leaders at the conference:

“We are profoundly conscious of the terrible suffering endured by Iraqi people of every creed in recent years and wish to express our solidarity with them.We find no justification in Islam or Christianity for those promoting the insecurity or perpetrating the violence evident in parts of Iraq.”

Further, they called on political, community, and religious leaders to facilitate and ensure the return of all persons and communities to a stable environment for people of all faiths in Iraq.

The 36 religious leaders, which included the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, and the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gomaa, were gathered at Lambeth Palace for a 3-day conference entitled: “A Common Word and Future of Christian-Muslim Engagement.” 

The initial agenda for discussion at the conference included: the global economic crisis, interfaith education, different understandings of scriptures, shared moral values, respect for foundational figures in the respective faiths, religious freedom. The Persecution of Christians in Iraq provided a current crisis for the leaders to consider and respond to.

Response: It is always great to see Muslim leaders, particularly as eminent as these, actually come out against terrorism and the persecution of Christians perpetrated in the name of Islam. We need more Islamic leaders like this who will stand up and be counted.           *Top 

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