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-Mosul,Iraq: Violence against Christians, 15+ Dead and Thousands Flee the City

by Dr. D ~ October 12th, 2008


Picture of Mosul via Wikipedia

 3,000 terrified Christians have fled Mosul in the last week alone in order to escape extremist attacks that have continued to increase in spite of U.S. and Iraqi military attempts to secure the city.

In the past, Christians have been subjected to abduction for ransom attempts, but now they are the victims of a major campaign to kill them or drive them out of the city. Officials believe that “Al Qaeda” elements are responsible for the current strategy.

Iraqi Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako, the senior Catholic cleric in Iraq, told the press on Friday:

“We are the target of a campaign of liquidation, a campaign of violence. The objective is political.”

He called on the Iraqi government and the Americans to step up their efforts to support the Christian minority in Iraq:

“We have heard many words from Prime Minister Maliki, but unfortunately this has not translated into reality. We continue to be targeted. We want solutions, not promises.”

“We believe it is the responsibility of Americans who occupy our country to protect Iraqis.”

In an updated report for Saturday Oct. 11, it appears now that nearly 20 Christians have been killed in the last 10 days. The Christian population in Mosul use to be around 25,000 in 2003 before the war, now less 5,000 apparently remain in the northern Iraqi city.

Response: We really do need to be praying for the Christians in the middle of these attacks. Americans in particular should be contacting their government representatives in order to see if something tangible can be done to relieve this situation.

Iraqi PM Maliki recently asked Christians to return to Iraq and yet he doesn’t seem to be able to even protect those who remain in the country. This is a serious problem and challenge for the Maliki administration.             *Top 

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3 Responses to -Mosul,Iraq: Violence against Christians, 15+ Dead and Thousands Flee the City

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  2. Barry

    It has been added. As my wife said on my blog. We got it via an email from someone. It did not have the link,so we did not know. Our point in the blog is to keep people informed about what is going on around the world. There was no intent to steal your article

    May God bless you.

  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Barry for the clarification and link. You really do have a great site, take a look folks:



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