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-Connecticut Court Allows Gay Marriage

by Dr. D ~ October 11th, 2008

 image In a 4-3 divided decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday (10/10/08) that gay couples have the right to get married in the state. Connecticut joins Massachusetts and California as the only states that currently allow same-sex marriages.

Connecticut’s General Assembly approved a civil union law a year ago that gave same-sex couples the same rights as married couples except the name.

The White House responded with a statement from Karl Zinsmeister, President Bush’s domestic policy adviser:

“It’s unfortunate that activist judges continue to seek to redefine marriage by court order without regard for the will of the people. Today’s decision by the Connecticut Supreme Court illustrates that a federal constitutional amendment may be needed if the people are to decide what marriage means.”

The Family Institute of Connecticut called the decision outrageous and its executive director Peter Wolfgang, responded with the following:

“Even the legislature, as liberal as ours, decided that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is about our right to govern ourselves. It is bigger than gay marriage.”

Response: Another activist Court out of control subjecting the people with a decision that is way beyond what the voters in a supposedly democratic state would have ever approved. This is not a matter of civil rights, that had already been taken care of and was previously addressed by the Assembly.             *Top 

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