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-UK: Muslims Incited to Rise Up Against Britain

by Dr. D ~ October 6th, 2008

imageimage The radical group, Islam4TheUK, is sponsoring several extremist speakers who are touring the UK and inciting Muslims to raise up against Britain.

Abu Waleed recently spoke in Birmingham, Derby, and Leicester, and told Muslim audiences that they should reject the laws of the UK. Waleed contends that the British intelligence services have severely underestimated the strength of the radical jihad movement in the UK, and joked about handing out suicide-bomber backpacks in youth centers.

Another speaker sponsored by Islam4The UK, Abu Uzair, was recently Quoted:

“We don’t live in peace with you any more. The banner has risen for jihad inside the UK, which means it’s allowed for bombers to attack.”

Response: These are scary comments, but the freedom of speech in Western countries, including the UK, allows for radical verbal dissent. However, actions are a different matter and I can imagine that some of these folks will be closely monitored by the authorities.

This brings up a difficult issue to resolve. At what point does inciting illegal action and encouraging terrorism become illegal itself? –probably somewhere in a planning for action stage. If terrorism becomes increasingly a problem in the UK and other Western countries, at what point do the authorities crack down and limit dissent—or does freedom of speech become a suicide pact?

Ahead of us are the distinct possibilities that reactions to Islamic terror could result in ever increasing restrictions on our present freedom. Worse yet, some Western countries might choose to increasingly surrender to the Islamic onslaught by default, in the name of peaceful cooperation and coexistence.            *Top

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