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-Brazil: Missionaries Oppose Infanticide

by Dr. D ~ September 26th, 2008

image  This is the ultimate story of conflict between faith and culture. On one hand, we have Indians in the Amazon with their own culture and religion which justifies killing babies with disabilities. On the other side, are evangelical missionaries ( Youth With a Mission) who are trying to provide western medicine and save the rejected children.

The Brazilian Department of Indian Affairs says that the missionaries are interfering in an ancient culture and their actions in saving the children are tantamount to kidnapping. Also, there are secular activists that oppose the missionaries bringing ‘western’ culture, ideas, and religion, particularly Christianity to the indigenous tribes. Their view is that all cultures should be treated as equal.

Here is a link to the ABC News Nightline story.

This of course is ultimately a conflict between the Christian worldview which stands for the sanctity of all human life and the worth of all  persons, even the disabled. With the rise of secular humanism, this traditional Christian view is under assault. Also, the whole idea that some cultures and religions are better than others is being questioned. Particularly Christian missionaries, who a generation ago were looked upon favorably as those bringing progress, are now increasingly seen by many in a less favorable light.

For Christians, the gospel is to be preached in every nation, people , and tongue. For those with a secular world view, this is increasingly no longer acceptable. One culture and religion is just as good or bad as another.            *Top

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