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-Orissa,India: Radical Hindus Continue Persecution of Christians–Prayers and Response Needed!

by Dr. D ~ September 8th, 2008

image Here is a CT article which contains an interview of Hindu radicals in Northern India that boldly proclaim that they intend to continue persecuting Christians and destroying or eliminating all of them:

"Now we have risen and we will destroy them all."

The article lists 41 different incidents of persecution perpetrated against Christians–their stated goal and agenda is to wipe out the Christians and Christianity first from Orissa and then later from all of India. The authorities in Orissa have given very little help to the Christian community and the national government hasn’t really done anything either other than a few protesting statements.

The Christian community and mission organizations have asked for prayers and actions from the international Christian community. They have set aside Sunday September 7 as a National Day of prayer and fasting. We really do need to support them in prayer and seek out ways to support their cause in a number of different ways by putting political pressure upon the national Indian government. Here are specific prayer requests from our Indian brothers and sisters:


+ Pray for the rebuilding of houses, churches and mission centers burnt in the violence
+ Pray for the bereaved families who have lost their near & dear ones
+ Pray for the thousands of Christians who live either in the jungle or relief camps
+ Pray that God would minister, console and encourage all and remove their fears
+ Pray for a movement of God in withdrawing the ‘Hate Campaigns’ against Christians
+ Pray for the peace to be restored immediately in all places and levels
+ Pray for the 51 different IMA member missions that are working in Orissa. Some of the most affected missions are HVM, IEA, IEHC, IGOSA, ICCC, AGSM, RHS, OFU, C&SM, AJI, FMPB, NMS, IMS, IEM, NPMI, NLFI, NF and many oth­ers. The churches of all denominations and levels have been affected greatly by this violence.


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