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-China: House Church Leader Speaks Out

by Dr. D ~ August 30th, 2008

image In an interview with Baptist Press, Yu Jie a leader in the Ark Church in Beijing spoke out about the Olympics and the continuation of persecution of Christians in China. He was placed under house arrest just before and during the Olympic games in Beijing.

He talks about his own conversion to Christianity and the state of the church in China.

Yu Jie asks for Christians to remember and pray for their brothers and sister in China. Here are three specific requests that he made according to the article:

"First, he asked that other Christians pray that Christians in China will be allowed full freedom of religion, so that they can worship as they see fit.

Secondly, he asked for prayer for the 2,000 persecuted Christians who are sitting in Chinese prisons and labor camps.

Thirdly, he requested prayer for the increased education of Chinese Christians, and that they would practice pure Christianity from the Bible. Because so many churches are still underground, Yu said they don’t always have access to educational material like books and other literature. Because of this lack of access, problems often arise in churches as they stray from biblical doctrine. Chinese Christians desperately need more books about the Bible to be translated into their language, so they can be faithful to Scripture and be holy in their living."

Response: This is really a very fine article to read in order to understand some of the problems facing Christians in China. We should also remember to pray for Yu– He risks a lot to be openly interviewed and quoted in this way.            *Top

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