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-India: Violence Against Christians in Orissa

by Dr. D ~ August 28th, 2008

image A Christian orphanage has been destroyed and at least 18 Christians have been killed as violence continues against Christians in the state of Orissa.

The latest round of trouble,which includes 92 incidents of violence against Christians, began with the murder of Hindu leader Swamiji Laxmanananda Saraswati and four others on Saturday (Aug. 23). The Hindu extremists blamed Christians for the deaths though there is proof that Maoists were probably responsible. For a detailed story of the violence read the account by Compass Direct.

Response: We really need to be praying for the Christians in Orissa. The state is controlled by the radical Hindu party and violence against Christians continues to be ignored or even encouraged by the local authorities. An appeal to the National government in New Delhi seems to have resulted in little or no actual help other than a statement that they are opposed to the violence.           *Top

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8 Responses to -India: Violence Against Christians in Orissa

  1. Bernard Malik

    Situation is much worse in Orissa now. Death toll has gone over 30.In the last one week more than 30 Christians were martyred and 400 plus injured. Tens of thousands of Christians have fled to the jungles to save their lives and are subsisting on roots and herbs.

    Hundreds of village churches have been burnt and razed to ground. Christian nuns have been gang-raped and burnt to death. Priests have been killed and attacked with iron rods, clubs, swords, and country made guns. Alleged VHP radicals are supposedly responsible for this utterly unbelievable carnage.

    It is reported that they force Christians to bow before Hindu Gods and threaten them with death if they do not denounce Christianity and accept Hinduism. Christians are targeted irrespective of age and gender.

    Even children are not spared from these barbaric acts. Christians are assaulted, humiliated, paraded half-naked, beaten up, their limbs mutilated, tortured, burnt alive, raped, and murdered.

    There are more than 124 incidents in Orissa in last 72 hours and more than 143 incidents in Karnataka, where Christians have been mercilessly victimized. These stupendously anti-humanity acts are not only appalling, but are also macabre, horrid, revolting, disgusting, vile and inhuman acts of violence that are big blots of shame on the secular and democratic fabric of the Indian Constitution.

    It is a shame that on the land of the Mahatma, where non-violence is the sacred mantra, violence is so unashamedly, unabashedly, and unabatedly propagated, instigated, and supported by few anti-social individuals or groups, in the name of religion. Christians are a peace-loving community and abhor violence of any kind.

    All the Christians of India and the world are mere mute spectators at the ghastly events happening in Orissa and Karnataka against their peace-loving brethren.

  2. Dr. D

    Wow! Thanks for your comments and update. Really appreciate it.

    This shows that we not only need to pray but put political pressure on the Indian government.

  3. Joe

    It is shocking, there has been no response from Indian Christians all over the world.

    The list of states where the attack on churches and christians are growing and spreading.

    Only way to stop this is to have this leaders arrested for genocide , religious persecution, murders when they travel out of the country.

    Bring world pressure to have this so called merchant of death leaders arrested and hauled up before the world court of Justice.

  4. Dr. D

    Thanks Joe,
    it is time for action -for sure the international community needs to get involved in some way.

    The Indian Gov. refuses to do anything other than criticize the states.

  5. Sha

    It is really hard to get tolerated that the christians are getting ayttacked in these parts of India .

  6. sanjiv melvin

    It is really hard to think that our bro & sis are getting attacked all over india, govt should do something about this matter now otherwise it is getting out of hands,we should all pray for the situation i am sure our God is powerful we dont have to worry our God will give us strenght to fight against these kind of attack JUST KEEP PRAYING

  7. Dr. D

    Amen, sanjiv Melvin

    thanks for visiting Sha

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