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-McCain: ‘Freedom of Religion’-A Key Foreign Policy Issue?

by Dr. D ~ August 24th, 2008

image In a speech on Friday at Oakland University in Michigan, Sen. John McCain proclaimed that ‘Freedom of Religion’ would be a key component of his foreign policy if elected as President of the United States:

“There is no right more fundamental to a free society than the free practice of religion. Behind walls of prisons and persecuted before our very eyes in places like China, Iran, Burma, Sudan, North Korea and Saudi Arabia are tens of thousands of people whose only crime is to worship God in their own way.

As president, I intend to make religious freedom a subject of great importance for the United States in our relations with other nations. I will work in close concert with democratic allies to raise the prominence of religious freedom in every available forum. Whether in bilateral negotiations, or in various multinational organizations to which America belongs, I will make respect for the basic principle of religious freedom a priority in international relations."

According to McCain, no society:

“that denies religious freedom can ever rightly claim to be good in some other way. And no person can ever be true to any faith that believes in the dignity of all human life if they do not act out of concern for those whose dignity is assailed because of their faith.”

In the same speech, Sen. McCain also promised to promised to do all that he can do to eliminate all forms of human trafficking and modern forms of slavery.

Response: This is one of those issues that refuses to go away. Freedom of religion and religious persecution continues to be a problem in many countries including China who just tried to put its best face forward for the Olympics while trying to eliminate house church worship.

Also, nearly every Muslim majority country has some form of persecution against other religions, particularly Christianity. We are committed on this blog to point out obvious instances of persecution that come to light.

It is good to see Sen. McCain weight in on this issue. President Bush and his administration has been sensitive and vocal on this issue–though it is hard to know what diplomatic steps they have really taken to make ‘religious life and freedom’  better around the world.

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