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-Bush: China Needs Greater Political and Religious Freedom

by Dr. D ~ August 10th, 2008

 image President Bush is keeping the pressure on the Olympic hosts while he is in China when it comes to political and especially religious freedom in the country. The President had spoken earlier on this subject the day before his arrival in China.

The Bush’s began their day with a Sunday worship service at Beijing’s Kuanjie church, an official Protestant church. A children’s choir sang "Amazing Grace" in English and Chinese during the service.

President Bush spoke to reporters after leaving the worship and pointed out that millions of Chinese brave harassment and arrest to worship at unregistered "house" churches in China:

"Laura and I just had the great joy and privilege of worshiping here in Beijing, China. You know, it just goes to show that God is universal, and God is love, and no state, man or woman should fear the influence of loving religion.’

Bush also had talked earlier with Chinese President Hu Jintao in a meeting about religious and political freedom while reporters were present. He is quoted as telling president Jintao:

"As you know, I feel very strongly about religion, the Chinese can expect that any future American president will also make it an important aspect."

Response: It is good to see President Bush keep up the pressure on the Chinese government even while he is there for the Olympics. Their record on religious freedom over the years is not very good, including recently when they have tried to silence and eliminate Christian house-church leaders from the Beijing area as a preparation for the international games.

I would imagine that the State Dept. ‘crats’ are probably unhappy with his diatribes against the Chinese who are very conscious about good appearances and ‘saving face’. They are particularly sensitive to criticism from guests which is considered ‘bad form’. Undoubtedly Bush is aware of this and has chosen to speak out on these important issues anyway–thank you President Bush.            *Top

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