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-California: Home-Schooling Ok’d by Judge

by Dr. D ~ August 9th, 2008

image A state appellate court ruled Friday that parents in California could continue to legally home school their children even if they don’t have teaching credentials.

The ruling reverses an earlier court decision in February by the 2nd District Court of Appeal which had ruled that those teaching in home schools needed to be credentialed. This earlier ruling had put some 166,000 students being home-schooled in California in legal jeopardy.

Gov. Schwarzenegger was happy with the decision. He was in the process of providing legislation to remedy the situation:

"This is a victory for California’s students, parents and education community. This decision confirms the right every California child has to a quality education and the right parents have to decide what is best for their children. I hope the ruling settles this matter for parents and home-schooled children once and for all in California, but assure them that we, as elected officials, will continue to defend parents’ rights."

Response: This is a relief to thousands of California parents and children involved in home-schooling. Many Christian families are home-schooling their children in association with church organizations in order to teach a Christian ‘world view’ to their children. Typically, home-schooled children in California achieve higher average scores on state tests than those in public schools.

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4 Responses to -California: Home-Schooling Ok’d by Judge

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  2. hall monitor

    This story made http://detentionslip.org! Voted #1 for school house news. Check it out for all the crazy problems in public education.

  3. Kevin Mitchell

    Home Schooling is also nice since you got to always see your kids..”:

  4. Lillian King

    i was also home schooled when i was younger and it is also a great weay to get your education.’;`

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