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-Memorial Cross is Constitutional

by Dr. D ~ August 2nd, 2008

image A federal judge has ruled that a 43-foot-tall cross, part of a memorial to fallen American veterans, does not violate the constitution.  The site was originally erected on Mt. Soledad in 1954 as a memorial to those who died in the Korean War.

It has become a point of controversy in the San Diego area for the last 18 years or so as the ACLU has tried unsuccessfully to get cross taken down. There was even a special election where the voters overwhelmingly agreed to keep the cross. Many Jewish groups even supported the effort along with most of the churches in the area.

This will probably not be the end of the issue—next stop is the infamous 9th circuit Court of Appeals.

Response: This is really good news! It is incredible that this issue has continued to make its rounds in the court system even after the voters have overwhelmingly spoken, and even after it was donated to the US Federal government and accepted by the US Congress and President. Yet a few self-serving, self-important individuals, including at least one oppressive judge, have kept the case going for year after year. Literally $millions have been spent on this issue.

If the ACLU eventually does win, what would happen to all those crosses at Arlington and other veteran cemeteries maintained by the government?  Just wondering! How this could ever be considered as violating the ‘establishment’ clause I will never understand.       *Top

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