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-Evangelists Cleared of ‘Hate Crime’ Against Homosexuals

by Dr. D ~ July 28th, 2008

imageimage Christian missionaries who were evangelizing a "gay pride" event in Philadelphia in 2004, were arrested and charged in 2004 for "ethnic intimidation" at the parade. The state legislature had added homosexuals to a Pennsylvania law protecting minorities from so-called ‘hate crimes’. The evangelists attending the event were charged under that law for preaching against homosexuality.

After criminal charges were dropped, the group filed a law suit to get the homosexual provision eliminated. Now it is final, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has now upheld a lower court’s ruling that homosexuals were illegally added to the list of groups protected under the state’s so-called "hate crimes" law.

Response: It is really good news to see laws like this rescinded. Next step would have been for pastors preaching on certain passages in the Bible to be arrested for opposing homosexuality.

This has already happened in Canada, but fortunately in the USA we still have a constitution that is suppose to guarantee freedom of religion and speech.


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