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-Beijing: House Church Leader Harassed and Homeless

by Dr. D ~ July 24th, 2008

image Pastor Bike Zhang, the chairman of the Federation House Church, and his wife Xie Fenglan were forced out of their home on July 6 by Beijing public security bureau officials. It seems that they became ‘persona non grata’ to the Chinese officials after they met with a US Congressional delegation.

The couple keep on being kicked out of every home or shelter that they have moved into since. They are continually being harassed and now have been forced to live on the streets. The stress is causing health problems particularly for Xie Fenglan.

The Chinese authorities are working over time to create a harmonious atmosphere for the Olympic games. In the process they are trying to expel everyone who might be possible trouble makers from Beijing. It is outrageous that they view church leaders in this light and subject them to this kind of persecution. Read the entire story on the Christian Post.

Response: We really do need to pray for these folks and ask for the Lord to protect them and give them strength to endure this time of unfortunate persecution.            *Top

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