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-Pakistan Court Gives Custody to Kidnappers

by Dr. D ~ July 20th, 2008

imageimage Here’s another shocking case of supposed justice perpetrated by a court in Pakistan against Christians. Two Daughters, age 13 and 10 were kidnapped by some men from their Christian parents. The court later gives full custody to the kidnappers who were Muslims.

The men testified that the children no longer were Christians but had converted to Islam. The oldest daughter, age 13, testified that she had married one of the kidnappers and had changed her name to a common Muslim name.

In Pakistan, girls from age 16 on are free to marry without their parents permission. In court the daughter claimed that she was actually 17 and old enough to make her own decisions. The parents had her birth certificate and school records that would show that she was only 13 but the judge refused to review the records.

The judge ruled in favor of custody for the kidnappers because they are Muslim and Christian parents have no rights in Pakistan to children who convert to Islam.

The parents complained that the Muslim men were known to be running a prostitution ring but the judge refused to consider that possibility.

Response: Another incredible miscarriage of justice perpetrated against Christians in a Muslim country, what a surprise!

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