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-McDonald’s: Gay Marriage Opponents Motivated by Hate?

by Dr. D ~ July 12th, 2008

McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman suggested, in a recent Washington Post article, that those who oppose same-sex marriages are motivated by hate.

image- Picture of a McDonald's Don Wildmon, of the America Family Association, responded by saying that McDonald’s executives have bought into the rhetoric used by homosexual activists and have needlessly taken sides in the culture war.

Also, McDonald’s has for some reason decided to actively participate in the promotion of the homosexual agenda, and has recently donated $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, in exchange for a membership and a seat on the board of directors for the group.

Response: It is hard to believe and understand why a business that depends upon family clientele, and projects an advertising image that reaches out to families with children, would purposely insult so many of their target customers–including thousands of Christian families in particular.

Note: Many of the McDonald’s restaurants are franchise units owned by individuals who may not approve of, or even know about the actions and statements of their corporate office. They should be informed.          *Top

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1 Response to -McDonald’s: Gay Marriage Opponents Motivated by Hate?

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