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-Homosexual Sues Publisher over Bible Content

by Dr. D ~ July 10th, 2008

Zondervan Publishing Co. is being sued by a man who claims he and other homosexuals have suffered based on what he says is a misinterpretation of I Corinthians 6:9 in some of the Bible versions that they publish.

image In the passage, homosexuals are on a list of those who are “wicked” or “unrighteous” and won’t inherit the kingdom of heaven. Bradley Fowler says that his family pastor used that Zondervan Bible, and because of it his family considered him to be a sinner and he has suffered. Now he is asking for an apology and for $60 million.

The New American Standard Version seems to be the Bible in question. Zondervan points out that they merely publish and distribute the work. A Bible committee of scholars is responsible for the translation and holds the copyrights to the Bible version.

Response: The NASV is known to be among the most accurate translations and is a word by word translation from the original into vernacular American English. Are we now at the point in this country that Bible publishers are going to be sued because of the contend in the Word of God? Are Pastors now vulnerable to civil action if they uphold traditional Christian teachings on homosexuality? This case could be full of precedents and needs to be followed closely.            *Top

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3 Responses to -Homosexual Sues Publisher over Bible Content

  1. Jason

    This is sick!, no one should be able to sue someone over what the bible says if what God says bothers ( Homosexuals ) so much why don’t they become a Christian, God destroyed two whole city because homosexuality was so rampant Sodom and Gamora, I guess when they look in the mirror ( the bible ) the homosexuals can’t stand what they see so they want the mirror to reflect something else, no matter how much they try the bible doesn’t change just because they want to turn a blind eye to the commandments of God

  2. Dr. D

    Amen Jason, Thanks for your comments.

  3. Jared

    This is just another example of attacks on Christianity. I am surprised that it took so long for someone to come up with something like this. I think it is rediculous and wonder why Zondervan is the one that they are pushnig this against. Owning a store, I know of at least 4 other publishers that sell the New American Standard Version of the bible. The way I look at this, is that we should support good publishers like Zondervan. Pray that the legal system will find with the defendant and pray that these attackers might see the light.

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