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-Dead Sea Stone Tablet: About a Messiah Who Dies and is Resurrected in 3 Days?

by Dr. D ~ July 6th, 2008

image (Photo: Dominic Buettner for The New York Times)

According to a NY Times story, several Israeli scholars contend that an ancient tablet found near the Dead Sea, dated from the 1st century B.C., talks about a Messiah who would die and 3 days later be resurrected. <<<Read the rest of my article posted on the Apologetica blog>>>             *Top

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2 Responses to -Dead Sea Stone Tablet: About a Messiah Who Dies and is Resurrected in 3 Days?

  1. Peter Kaufman

    I would submit that this “ancient tablet” is probably another sensationalist scam, as is clearly suggested by the facts

    (1) that no specific information is available on its provenance (“probably found near the Dead Sea” doesn’t quite do it for me); and

    (2) that no details are provided on carbon dating of the ink or analysis of the stone.

    As such, this “news” brings to mind the faked Lost-Tomb-of-Jesus “documentary” designed to financially profit from people’s fascination with the “real” Jesus, as well as the larger scandal of the biased and misleading way the Dead Sea scrolls are being presented in museum exhibits around the world, with an antisemitic nuance emerging on a government-run North Carolina museum’s website. See, e.g.,

    http://spinozaslens.com/libet/articles/dworkin_ethicsofexhibition.htm (article critical of exhibits)


    http://blog.news-record.com/staff/frontpew/archives/2008/06/dead_sea_scroll.shtml (discussion and further links)

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