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-Chertoff: Islam- "Hijacked by a Group of Ideologues."

by Dr. D ~ June 3rd, 2008

At a conference on terrorism being held this week in Jerusalem, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff claimed that the radical terrorists do not really represent normative Islam, that they are ‘idealogues’ who have hijacked the religion and use it as an excuse for they activities.

image He claimed that moderate Islamic leaders are finally beginning to criticize the radical Islamists. He also complained that western responses to terrorism were being undermined:

“sources of cynicism in our society that cannot distinguish between our actions and the actions of terrorists, that treat everything as equivalent, that view appeasement as the best course of dealing with the enemy.”

Response: We agree with him that the media has cast the administration efforts to combat terrorism in a bad light and encouraged cynicism.

However, Chertoff and other government officials continue to look upon the radical Islamists as a minority exception within Islam, as guilty of somehow ‘highjacking’ normative Islam. I wish that was the case, but unfortunately the ideology reflected by the terrorists is far more common and closer to mainstream Islam than the moderate form that Chertoff, Bush, and other American or other Western politicians seem to observe with their ‘politically correct’ rose colored glasses.

One only needs to see how sharia law is implemented in so-called ‘moderate’ countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt to realize that normative Islam is far more radical than the ‘politically correct’ view can accommodate.          *Top

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