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-Rev.Wright: Criticism of Him is an Attack on the Black Church?

by Dr. D ~ April 28th, 2008

According to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s longtime pastor, media criticisms of his fiery sermons are really misunderstandings and attacks upon the whole Black American church. image He is hoping that all the controversy will have a positive outcome and bring about a dialogue about race and religion in America.

Response: It is really hard to see how criticism of Rev. Wright’s diatribes against America can possibly be considered an attack upon the whole Black American church. I would really like to hear from other Black Pastors what they think about that possibility. Do they feel like all the criticism of Wrights controversial anti-American statements really reflect upon them also.

It is time in America for Christians to finally address the racial division in the church. If the Rev. Wright controversy begins a dialogue among Christians of all races than we agree with Rev. Wright, that would be a positive development.            *Top

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