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-Do Your Part in WOT -Pray for a Terrorist!

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2008

Do your part in the War on Terror -Pray for a terrorist!  This is not an April fool’s day joke! There is a new Internet ministry, Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer (ATFP), which is urging Christians to adopt a terrorist and pray for them. Just as Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to love and pray for their enemies.

 image The ministry has pictures of all the major known terrorists and suggests that you select one (adopt) to pray for. As ATFP founder Dr. Thomas Bruce states:

“People can go to www.myatfp.org to learn about nearly a hundred prominent at-large and captured individuals identified by the FBI and State Department as either terrorists or terrorism sponsors,” the ministry founder said.

He added, “Visitors can then find a terrorist to pray for, as well as see how many others are praying for them. It’s all about connecting these prayer warriors to each other to see how others are praying, to encourage each other, to spread the word, and fight this War on Terrorism in a powerful and spiritual way.”

Here’s a link to their website.            *Top

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