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-China to Exert More Control Over Religion in Tibet

by Dr. D ~ March 25th, 2008

The Chinese authorities have long sought to exert greater control over the Tibetan Buddhist religion. First they chose the current Panchen Lama. Now they are demanding that he be recognized as the top Tibetan religious leader rather than the Dalai Lama who is in exile.

Tibet-Demonstrations Now China’s security chief,  Meng Jianzhu, is calling for “patriotic education” to be part of the teaching in Tibetan monasteries.

The Chinese government claims that 22 people have died in the latest round of protests in Tibet. However according to Tibetan rights groups, over 140 have lost their lives in the latest crackdown by the Chinese authorities.

Response: The Chinese government continues to try and control all religion in the country. The insistence of the government to pick any new Tibetan Lamas is similar to the ongoing dispute that they have with the Pope over choosing Catholic Bishops rather than allowing to church to select their own leaders.

Also, the Chinese authorities continue to round up Christian ‘House Church’ leaders and pastors which are considered unauthorized by the Beijing government.

It still is incredible to me that the US State Department recently took the Chinese government off of its ‘ list of Worst Human Right Offenders’            *Top

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1 Response to -China to Exert More Control Over Religion in Tibet

  1. Curly

    China is the worst human rights offenders. They hate religion, they refuse to free Tibet, they hate America, they are anti-semitic, and they control freedom of speech.

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