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-Good Friday: Nigerian Christians Ask for Prayers

by Dr. D ~ March 21st, 2008

From J. Lee Grady, Fire in My Bones, Charisma Online, Wednesday 19, 2008:

 image image An Urgent Cry From Nigeria’s Christians–Nigerian Christians have asked the world to pray for them on Good Friday as they face the growing threat of Muslim violence. A quote from the article by Grady:

“I am linking arms with my Nigerian brothers, and I ask you to do the same this Friday. When one part of Christ’s body is suffering, we all suffer. If the radical Islamic agenda succeeds in Nigeria—where African Christianity is most vibrant—Islam could swallow a continent. We desperately need intervention from God.”

Response: The Nigerian Christians have been under a great deal of persecution in the northern part of the country which is dominated by Muslims and ruled according to sharia law.

Now that Nigeria has a Muslim president, the government has been even less responsive to Christian appeals for justice. Churches have been burned and Christians have injured or killed and the government officials have been slow to respond and protect Christian citizens from Islamic aggression.             *Top

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