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-Muslim Leaders Against Defamation: Is This What They Want?

by Dr. D ~ March 17th, 2008

Last week Muslim leaders decried the freedom to ‘defame’ Islam in the West and searched for ways to control the Western Media and the growing problem of ‘Islamophobia’.  Here are 2 examples over the weekend from Muslim countries which may demonstrate what they expect from Western countries? :

1. Saudi arabia: Major Cleric Calls for Writer’s Deaths

A couple of writers in a newspaper had the audacity to say that maybe adherents of others faiths might not all be ‘unbelievers’.  Saudi Arabia’s most revered cleric, Sheikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, took exception to that tolerant possibility and called for the writers to be beheaded.


2. Karachi Pakistan:Strike against blasphemous cartoons

Right after Friday services of coarse, rallies and demonstrations were organized in different parts of the city to protest the blasphemous Danish cartoon publications. Nine vehicles were torched and 6 people hurt.

Response: These kind of stories do not help the Western perceptions of Islam. One can find stories like this coming at us from Muslim countries every day of the week. If they want to call negative Western reactions to stories like this—‘Islamophobia’, then so be it.

Muslim leaders demand respect for their religion in the Western world, yet even a hint of moderation toward other religions is met with calls for beheading in Islam as demonstrated in Saudi Arabia this week? Incredible!          *Top

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