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-Mormon Missionaries Vs. Catholic Shrine: Is Nothing Sacred?

by Dr. D ~ March 11th, 2008

image In the last few years we have been treated internationally to the spectacle of ancient Buddha sculptures being blown up, Churches burned, folks being beheaded, cartoons causing riots, jail terms for teddy bears and prayers, and all sorts of strange behavior all in the name of some radical form of religion.

Most of the time it has come at us from Islam and the Middle East, but in the last several years Hindu radicals have run a close second in their persecution of other religions, burning and destroying Mosques and Churches and rioting against Muslims and Christians a like.


Now comes the strangest story of all! Clean cut ‘boys next door’ Mormon Missionaries cast as religious radicals making fun of another religion and apparently vandalizing a Catholic shrine–Is nothing in this world sacred anymore?

Response: This is a total disconnect from all the fine LDS kids that I know who were friends of my children and went on missions. The LDS themselves have many times been on the receiving end of persecution and vandalism. It will be interesting to see how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints responds to this situation, after all, the ‘missionaries’ were officially representing their church at the time.

We will continue to follow this story closely. I am tempted to call this: “The Case of the Latter-day Saints vs. the Catholic Saints”.            *Top

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2 Responses to -Mormon Missionaries Vs. Catholic Shrine: Is Nothing Sacred?

  1. kevan

    The funny thing is that catholics are considered a proper if not the first Christian church, while the mormon’s are only considered Christians by themselves. With the number of catholics in the billions and the number of mormons barely touching
    12 million I as a catholic just have to turn the other cheek and let history and church numbers do my talking for me

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Kevan for visiting.

    This has really caused a great deal of angst in the Mormon community and justly so.

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