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-Book Review: "Sins of the Assassin"

by Dr. D ~ March 3rd, 2008

By Robert Ferrigno (New York: Scribner: Simon & Schuster, 2008, 384 pages)

image This is the second book in Robert Ferrigno’s fast paced ‘Assassin Trilogy’.  The first book: “Prayers for the Assassin” set a precedent that is hard to equal, yet “Sins of the Assassin” is a worthy successor that stands up well on its own.

Again the setting is circa 2043, The northern part of the former USA is now an ‘Islamic Republic’ with the capital in Seattle. The old South is a loose confederation called the ‘Bible Belt’. The Mormons have their own country in Utah and Southern Idaho with parts of Colorado; while Nevada is a ‘Free State’ all its own. America has become a ‘third-rate’ power that even Mexico (now- ‘Aztlan Empire) is picking on; and native Americans have claimed part of Wisconsin and Minnesota as their own. How far the mighty have fallen!

The current story revolves around a warlord/hero Colonel in the Bible Belt who is searching for a super-secret weapon hidden by agents of the old USA regime which could change the entire balance of power in America. Former ‘Shadow Warrior’ Rakkim Epps is sent by the ‘Islamic’ president and his wife Sarah (who is a counselor to the president) to spy on the Colonel and possibly steal or destroy the weapon. <Read the whole review>


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