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-War on Terror: Is Islam the Enemy? No I Don’t Think So!

by Dr. D ~ February 28th, 2008

Here is a great article by Michael Medved- “Is Islam Itself the Enemy? Michael gives good sound reasons why Islam should not be considered the real enemy in the ‘War on Terror’ and outlines some of the more obvious consequences for opposing an entire world religion like Islam.


Make no mistake, Michael has no delusions about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’, he is a realist and recognizes the ongoing problems with authoritarianism and violence in Islam. He merely questions how a war with Islam itself could ever end favorably or even end at all.

Response: From a Christian perspective, Islam is a major rival on the world scene and both religions are growing. One problem that Christians have with Islam is that in Muslim dominated countries, Christians are largely restricted and live under various forms of persecution as second-class citizens. The basis for that is said to come from the Koran and Islam itself–a governmental component.

Islam on the other hand is free to exist and expand in western countries.

This has caused many in the West to look upon Islam as the aggressor and blame the entire religion for the radical terrorist movements within it. I believe that Christians need to be careful not to blame all Muslims for the actions of the radicals. We need to always reach out to our Muslim neighbors in a loving way as Jesus taught.

On the other hand, ‘freedom of religion’ in the US and the Western world should never include or be allowed to encourage the radical terrorists. Islamic ‘5th columns’ should not be tolerated in the name of religion and the Constitution should never become a suicide pact.            *Top

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