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-Anglicans in Uganda Threaten to Leave Communion Over Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ February 21st, 2008

The 9.8 million Anglican Church in Uganda, Africa threatened to leave the global 77million Anglican communion if the US Episcopal Church doesn’t reverse it’s acceptance of homosexual clergy and unions.


According to Church of Uganda spokesman Aron Mwesigye:

“because we have complained against homosexuality several times but no action is taken.”

“If they don’t change, and continue to support homosexual practices and same-sex marriages, our relationship with them will be completely broken.”

Response: This is probably just the beginning of a major realignment among the Anglicans. The Archbishop of Canterbury really has no power to stop it and Rowan Williams is a weak leader at best who is actually part of the problem.

The Anglican churches in Africa and South America, the largest and fastest growing part of the Communion, are theologically conservative while the US, Canadian, and European churches are declining and substantially liberal in their views. Conflict is in the works as the African churches begin to assert the authority and respect that their greater numbers demand.            *Top

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