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-Anglican Church Troubles?

by Dr. D ~ February 16th, 2008

Several churches in Canada have voted to split with the Anglican Church of Canada over same-sex blessings. Meanwhile, as the Anglican Communion prepares for their major summit meeting at Lambeth, England in July, the Archbishops from five Anglican provinces said Friday that they plan to boycott the once in a decade world conclave because of the controversy over the ordination of a gay bishop in the U.S. Episcopal Church.


The Anglican covenant had voted last year to require the U.S. Episcopal Church to cease ordaining gay bishops and performing same-sex blessing ceremonies. The American bishops decided to disregard the Covenant vote. So far 5 conservative provinces in Africa and South America plan to boycott the meeting because of the weak leadership of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in not holding the U.S. Church accountable.

Now there is even some talk of forming a new international Anglican covenant comprised of the more traditionalist and conservative churches.            *Top

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