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-Berkeley California Vs. US Marine Corps

by Dr. D ~ February 9th, 2008

The Berkeley, California city council passed several measures recently targeting the Marine recruitment office in their city. They are hoping to force the recruitment center to leave.image

A video of the council meeting shows a number of city officials making ridiculous and objectionable claims against the Marines:

“the president’s own gangsters” and “trained killers” who are known for “death and destruction and maiming.” One of the council members complained that our men and women in uniform were responsible for “horrible karma.”

Meanwhile, they passed an ordinance granting ‘Code Pink’ special parking privileges directly in front of the Marines’ office in order to make it easy for them to continue their protests against the military and block the entrance to the recruitment station.

Also, the city made changes in their zoning laws to place military recruiting stations in the same category as porn shops. Businesses that need regulation and special permission to operate. The first step towards kicking the Marine center out of the city.

Response: Maybe the city should try to secede from the USA–that would be more fun! Berkeley is known for supporting ‘Free Speech’–I guess that doesn’t apply to the military?

There are already several members of Congress pushing for all Federal funds to be withheld from the city. It could not only affect the city but also millions in research grants to the University. For myself and my family, it will be quite easy for us to avoid visiting or spending any money in Berkeley.            *Top

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