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-The Ten Worst Places to Live if You’re a Christian

by Dr. D ~ February 6th, 2008

Open Doors’ 2008 World Watch List released on Monday. The List ranks countries based on the intensity of persecution that Christians face in those countries. There are really no surprises on the current list:


2008 World Watch List

1. North Korea
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Iran
4. Maldives
5. Bhutan
6. Yemen
7. Afghanistan
8. Laos
9. Uzbekistan
10. China

Response: We should be praying for each one of these countries and especially for the Christians living there.

Lord bring revival to each one that can not be held back by the enemy or the authorities. Lift up our fellow Christians living there and give them encouragement, healing, and miracles in their daily lives. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in each one. Break the chains that hold these people in poverty and bring the light of your Gospel into their midst. In Jesus name Amen.          *Top

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2 Responses to -The Ten Worst Places to Live if You’re a Christian

  1. Susan L. Prince

    I’d add the Bible Belt to the list.

    It needs a lot of prayer.

  2. Dr. D


    With all the natural disasters lately, including the recent tornados, prayers are certainly needed.

    Fortunately the Bible Belt isn’t facing persecution on top of it all.

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