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-The Plight of Christians in Jerusalem

by Dr. D ~ February 2nd, 2008

Found this on the VOM Persecution Bog—An interesting story in The Jerusalem Post about the daily struggles that native Christians living in Jerusalem are continuing to face.


The Christian community comprises only about 2% of the population in Jerusalem. They live anonymously between to warring factions–to the Jewish folk they are Arabs who might be ‘terrorists’ and to the Muslims they are Christian ‘Crusaders’.

One Christian – Samir-was quoted as saying:

“We’re trapped between two larger peoples that don’t like each other… and they don’t like us either.”

“To the Arabs, we’re Christians, which means Crusaders, and to the Israelis we’re Arabs, which means terrorists.”

Response: Apparently, Arab Christians are constantly subjected to harassment and persecution on a number of different fronts. This gets little international attention. Even churches in America who support the government of Israel do not recognize the many problems that the Arab Christian community faces in that country, or even worse, the outright danger and persecution that they face in Gaza and the West Bank where the Palestinians are in charge. *Top

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