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-UK: Muslim Clerk Refuses to Sell Bible Story Book

by Dr. D ~ January 15th, 2008

A shopper in the UK was humiliated by a Muslim clerk who refused to touch a Bible Stories book, naming it ‘unclean’ and calling for another staff member to finish the sale. To their credit, even the Muslim Council of Britain considered this ‘offensive’ and uncalled for.

Response: This is just the latest incident in the continuing manifestation of culture clash between working Muslims and others in Western countries.

Other recent examples include: Muslim cabbies in Minneapolis who refuse to pickup riders at bars who are trying to avoid ‘driving under the influence’. Muslim WalMart clerks who refuse to check out pork products or wine. Muslim cabbies in Miami who refuse to transport folks coming back from a cruise obviously carrying Island Rum. Worst of all, Muslim cabbies and bus drivers who refuse to give rides to the blind along with their ‘seeing eye’ dogs. Citing that the animals are ‘unclean’.

Such incidents do not play well among the general population and brings the entire religion under question in the minds of many. Muslim leaders really should speak to their members about finding jobs that are completely compatible with their beliefs.

They should make it plain to their adherents what their religion actually demands, distinguishing between cultural practices and important religious principles. Also, Muslims should make it clear to their employers what they are not willing to do before such conflicts arise.         *Top

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