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-Blogger Arrested in Saudi Arabia

by Dr. D ~ January 1st, 2008

Fouad al-Farhan is the most popular blogger in Saudi Arabia with everyone except the Saudi government. He was arrested because of his criticism of the Kingdom on his blog. Bloggers all over the Middle East are supporting him and are condemning the Saudis for his arrest.

There is not freedom of speech or the press in Saudi Arabia which is an absolute monarchy. However, some criticism and debate has been tolerated since King Abdullah became the King in 2005.

According to reports, Fouad has been offered his freedom if he would sign an official apology.

Response: It is so good to be living in a country which has freedom of speech. Most of us in the West take it for granted until we read about cases like this which remind us how lucky and fortunate we really are.             *Top

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