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-UK: The ‘War on Terror’ is Over?

by Dr. D ~ December 30th, 2007

The British government will not longer be using the following terms: ‘War on Terror’ and ‘Islamic terrorist’, to describe the continuing onslaught of the Islamists upon Western culture and nations.

The British will now refer to the Islamo-terrorists as members of a ‘death cult’ and as ‘criminals’ and ‘murderers’.

There was a concern in the UK that the ‘war’ language was actually providing al Qaeda with a recruiting tool. Many British officials believe it is ‘unhelpful’ to link the continuing terrorist atrocities directly to Islam.

Response: “a rose by any other name” is still a rose!

America tried that tack under the Bill Clinton administration and that got us one attack on the Twin Towers in 94, several embassies bombed, one ship nearly sunk, and finally 9/11 and nearly 4,000 dead. Meanwhile al Qaeda grew from an insignificant unknown group into an international cabal with secure headquarters in Afghanistan which they substantially helped to run till the USA declared war on them.

It does no good to hide ones head in the sand when there are millions of Islamic/fanatic enemies proclaiming that they will not stop until the whole world is run by an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ and ‘Sharia law’ is imposed upon every nation including the UK. Call it what you will, you may want to quit the war but the enemy has not declared a truce and this will only encourage them.

Al Qaeda will declare this to be another victory over ‘weak decadent West’ and the British have actually provided them with a improved recruiting environment in the UK among the large community of British Muslims.

What is my answer to the continuing Islamic threat? Major Christian revival in the USA, UK, all of Europe, and the entire world. Come Holy Spirit, let the gospel flood every nation. Let the ‘Prince of Peace’ reign in every heart and change the world. In the spirit of the season:

“Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth…”             *Top

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