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-Nigeria: Muslim Riots Kill 10 and Set three Churches on Fire

by Dr. D ~ December 15th, 2007

Citing damage to a mosque under construction, Muslim youths attacked Christians, set three Churches on fire and killed 10 in Bauchi, Nigeria. A number of Christian homes were also set on fire by the rioting Muslims including a pastors home which was burned to the ground.

The Muslim Governor claimed that the trouble was caused by his political adversaries, which seems rather unlikely.

Second story: Christian Church Struggles to survive in Muslim North

This is the incredible story of a church which has been burned down 3 times, once even by the government. During one riot against Christians, 11 were killed defending the church.

Response: This is the ultimate clash of cultures and religions. The Muslims are dominate in northern Nigeria. All of the political leaders and officials are Muslim and sharia law is being imposed upon all the residents, including Christians.

Muslims riot against Christians with no fear of reprisals or penalties since all of the authorities are sympathetic the Muslim cause of ultimately eliminating all Christians from their area.

Since the President of Nigeria is now a Muslim, the radical Muslims in Nigeria are no longer worried about or restrained by the national government.             *Top

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