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Pope Responds to Muslim Scholars

by Dr. D ~ December 2nd, 2007

Pope Benedict finally responded this week to a letter sent by 130+ Muslim scholars in October. Last week, more than 100 prominent Christian leaders, mostly protestant, responded to the earlier letter calling for future dialogue between leaders of the two world religions. Perhaps that response spurred the Pope on to make one of his own. Some of the Muslims scholars had voiced there disappointment recently that the Vatican had not been forthcoming with some kind of official statement.

In a statement released by the Vatican, the Pope emphasized the need for dialogue between Islam and Christianity and wanted to focus on those thing which unite the two faiths:

“namely, belief in one God.” …

“Such common ground allows us to base dialogue on effective respect for the dignity of every human person, on objective knowledge of the religion of the other, on the sharing of religious experience and, finally, on common commitment to promoting mutual respect and acceptance among the younger generation.”

The Pope, and the letter composed recently by Christian leaders, both stress the need for formal dialogue between religious leaders of the two religions.

Comments: The letters are all well and good, but real progress awaits for these leaders to get together face to face.            *Top

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