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Life Getting Better in Baghdad?

by Dr. D ~ November 21st, 2007

The ‘milblogs’ have been writing about this for some time, I even saw a picture recently of some Iraqi Muslims helping some Christians put the cross back up on a church in Baghdad but lost the link.

Now this week, even the NY Times has a front page story about how life is getting better in Baghdad and folks are returning to their homes. Kids are playing in the streets once more, cafes are open for business, and even liquor store have reopened.

Comments: This is information that our Democratic leaders in congress need to hear about, particularly Harry Reid and Nancy P. They keep harping on the weary refrain that the war was lost long time ago and it’s time to pull the troops out.

Haven’t heard much from the presidential candidates on this subject lately, they are all talking about Iran instead. I wonder why? Maybe the surge, that they all condemned a few months ago, is somehow actually working? I’m sure they’ll all have an alternate explanation.

Certainly, we all pray that life continues to get better over there for everyone.            *Top

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