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Iran: The Political Landscape

by Dr. D ~ November 13th, 2007

Here’s an essential article from the LA Times: “Iran : the anti-democracy”, by Akbar Ganji who is a leading Iranian dissident living in exile. Akbar gives some great insights into the political machinations of the regime in Tehran.

The Islamic Republic pretends to be democratic and to hold elections. Iranian President Ahmadinejad tours and lectures the world as the duly elected leader of his people. Mr. Ganji debunks the impression that the Iranian elections are in any way democratic. Of coarse, most of us knew that anyway, except the MSM who pretends otherwise.

According to Akbar, the Islamic Republic does not allow political dissent or rival political parties. The candidates for any election are chosen from among the ‘faithful’. The press is controlled, religious minorities are marginalized, and academic positions are controlled by the clerics. All opposition of any kind is jailed or worse. Read the entire article for details.

Comments: We really did know all of this or should have, but it is helpful for a major media outlet like the LA Times to remind us all of the facts and maybe even educate themselves. It also should suggest that all the attention and deference paid to folks, like Iran’s ‘popular’ and infamous figurehead- Pres. Ahmadinejad, is probably unjustified.

With all the ‘saber rattling’ going on recently in connection to Iran’s nuclear program, one wonders if we all might be better served by supporting the Iranians who oppose their own government. It is said that nearly 80% are unhappy with the radical Islamic rule of the Ayatollahs.             *Top

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