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Book Review:”Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t”

by Dr. D ~ November 11th, 2007

By Robert Spencer (Washington DC: Regnery Pub., Inc., 2007, 264 pages)

It is fashionable in the Western world to treat all religions the same except Christianity. Post- modern writers, educators, and historians have reserved their greatest fears and concerns for Christianity –past and present. Even in the midst of overwhelming evidence that a large portion of Islam is at least sympathetic to Islamic terrorists, many in the Western world look upon serious Christians as being at least as dangerous to World peace as the Jihadists.

Robert Spencer has written a book which documents the threat that normative Islam poses for the world. He also debunks the myth of equivalence between Islam and Christianity. He also presents evidence from the teachings and leaders of both religions which demonstrates that the real ‘Religion of Peace’ is Christianity rather than Islam. < Read more about the book at my BOOK Reviews site>


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