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GodblogCon 2007 -Day Two

by Dr. D ~ November 10th, 2007

Day two at GodblogCon started with Paul Spears, from Torrey institute of Biola University and a contributor @ ScriptoriumDaily.com; talking about “Substance in Blogging and the Case for Blog Euthanasia”. Dr. Spears pointed out that millions of blogs are started every month and multi-millions are abandoned or flushed. The fact is that not everyone is well suited for serious blogging and many have discovered that posting meaningful content can actually be hard work and take time away from other activities.

Many get discouraged by the handful of actual people who visit their site in the beginning and soon decide that it is far more work than it is worth. This is the major downside to blogging when you are starting out. Paul emphasized that it should be all about good and worthwhile content for Godbloggers.

Next up was Dustin Steeve, Web Administrator : ScriptoriumDaily.com. Dustin talked about the “Basics of Blogging” and how to get started. This session was designed with beginners in mind. He presented the pluses and minuses of two free blogging programs that are good and easy to use in the beginning: Blogger and WordPress. He showed how easy it is to sign up and actually get started.

La Shawn Barber, Columnist for the Washington Examiner, and famous blogger @ LaShawnBarber.com, gave us tips on “Writing Well in the New Media”. She pointed out the importance of spelling and basic grammar when it comes to credibility. She observed that it was also important for bloggers to develop their own writing style.

La Shawn advocated the liberal use of content titles in the body of articles in order to help the reader scan through and find what they are looking for. She said that long drawn out paragraphs discourage readers before they even start. She also supported the use of a ‘conversational’ style of writing that may even include some fragmented sentences. This was probably the most helpful presentation for me personally. Plus, I found her to be a delightful person to talk to and a real encourager.

Next up after lunch was: Kevin Wang, Creative Designer: Zeit Studios @ www.zeitstudios.com. Kevin talked about blog design and the importance of layout, fonts, and colors. He presented the essentials of good blog design and summarized it by noting that a good design points a blog visitor right to the important stuff and content that the host wants them to observe.

Kevin finished the session by taking volunteers and evaluating some of the blogs of the conferees. I quickly volunteered and was happy to receive suggestions from Kevin and observations from around the room. I can’t wait to find the time to follow through with some of the suggestions and make needed changes to this site.

The last lecture of the conference came from Jeff Vandergiessen, Executive Director of Production: Mars Hill Church, @ marshillchurch.org. Jeff talked about the “development of a Pod and Vidcast ministry” at Mars Hill. He stressed the importance of audio and investing in good equipment to produce a product that sounds professional.

The conference ended with a round table discussion that included some of the speakers and all of the attendees. John Mark Reynolds was the moderator. Everyone contributed and the conversation was about blogging, the future of the new media, and the future of the church and Christian ministries in light of all the changes ahead. I found this session to be enlightened and probably the most interesting of all.

At the end, I wanted the conference to keep on going, but it was 5 o’clock and the janitors were already at the door. So I settled for a good prime rib dinner instead. Overall, I found the conference to be more than helpful and I am looking forward to attend it again next year.

Podcasts of the GodblogCon sessions are available @ ScriptoriumDaily.com             *Top

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