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Radical Hindus Persecuting Christians in India

by Dr. D ~ November 7th, 2007

The Islamic terrorists have taken up so much of the news lately that the actions of Radical Hindus against Christians in India has largely gone unnoticed. Thanks to the Persecution Blog, I found this link to a news release on Compass Direct News. The post is incredible, it documents incidents of persecution against Christians in 13 different areas or cities in India in the last couple of weeks.

Take some time and read the release. It records the following chilling accounts:

Christians being beaten by radical Hindus, church services being disrupted or hindered, pastors being arrested with bogus charges, Christians were charged with ‘forcing’ people to convert, Christians were not allowed to vote in a recent election, a Christian who was praying for the sick was dragged out of a hospital and beaten by 40 Hindus, one attack against a pastor was even recorded and played on TV and the authorities refused to arrest the Hindu attackers.

Comments: According to the constitution of India, the country legally recognizes freedom of religion. However, recently the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party has risen in prominence and power in India. Representatives of that radical Hindu party are ruling and have influence in many cities and areas of India.

It is their policy to support Hinduism and hinder all other religions, particularly Islam and Christianity. Not only do they resort to questionable political and legal actions, but they also encourage acts of terror against those who they oppose or at the very least, refuse to arrest and charge those involved in such activities against Christians and other religious minorities.             *Top

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