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Pakistani Christians Threatened by Radical Islamists

by Dr. D ~ November 2nd, 2007

Pro-Sharia rebels are threatening the Christian families in Northwestern Pakistan. The Christian community is particularly vulnerable to attack since they live among the Muslims and not in separate neighborhoods. Again there is the usual demands made by the radicals:

“Become Muslim – otherwise, we are going to destroy your house with bombs”

Elsewhere throughout the area they are attempting to impose sharia law and shut down public schools for females, and also barbers and CD shops that do not comply with Islamic law. They are requiring all to wear traditional Muslim garb, and demanding that everyone stop watching TV and stop listening to CDs even in the home.

Recently, over 53 bombing were carried out by the extremists and the Islamists also beheaded two policemen and seven civilians as a warning that violence would continue until Islamic rule was fully established in area.

Comments: We need to remember to keep the Pakistani Christian community in our prayers. Chaos seems to be the rule now in Pakistan as the government tries to combat the extremists, but seems to be outnumbered particularly in the Northwestern area, where al Queda seems to have an upper hand.

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