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Muslim Leader in Nigeria Calls for Violent Jihad on TV= 2 Christians Killed

by Dr. D ~ October 22nd, 2007

Two Christian youth were killed by Muslim extremists in Northern Nigeria after a Muslim cleric repeatedly called for a violent Jihad against Christians on TV.

Christian leaders in Nigeria told reporters that Islamic leader Sheik Gumi had urged Muslims to wage jihad against Christians in televised broadcasts during the month of Ramadan. According to Elder Saidu Dogo, secretary of the northern Nigeria chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Sheik called specifically for violence against young Christians:

“He specifically called for a jihad, and that when they go killing they should not kill the elderly people, because the elderly have spent their years already, but that Muslims should kill young Christians.”

Comments: Apparently Sheik Gumi has not read the recent letter from 130+ Muslim leaders calling for peace between Muslims and Christians. The country of Nigeria is suppose to have freedom of religion. However, radical Muslims in the Northern part of the country where Islam dominates feel free to do what ever they want against Christians with little fear of government reprisals. This is especially the case since the current President is a Muslim from the North.            *Top 

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