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Immigrant (Muslim) Youths Riot in Amsterdam

by Dr. D ~ October 21st, 2007

Now the Netherlands is experiencing burning cars and riots by immigrant youths. For some reason, the press refuses to identify what all these immigrant youths have in common, they are Muslim. France has an ongoing problem with its Muslim youth that flared up a year ago in similar fashion.

Assimilation into the dominant culture for these folks is a problem. There is a language, culture, and a religious barrier that is difficult for immigrants to overcome. This is a major problem when it comes to getting jobs. Unemployment is rampant in the Muslim immigrant community and the youth see, as things are now, that they really don’t have many positive options for the future.

Radical Islamists have seized upon these problems and are turning many of the immigrant youth into a ‘5th column’ within Europe. This is not a problem that is going away soon. It has only the potential for getting worse unless the European societies decide the positively address the issues that lead to the situation.

New immigrants to European countries are happy to escape the countries they came from and find the living conditions far better even in the slums. Even the most basic menial job gives them far better living than they are used to. However, their children have greater expectations after exposure to the affluent European lifestyle. When their immigrant status, language and culture naturally limits their ability to gain satisfactory employment, they are unfortunately more than ready to listen to radical mullahs and gain a radical new identity in the process.             *Top

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