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Deadline Passes for Kidnapped Priests in Iraq

by Dr. D ~ October 20th, 2007

Story from the VOM Persecution Blog: On Friday (10/19/07) Church authorities had only 24 hours left to raise a $1 Million ransom for 2 priests that were presumed to be kidnapped by Islamic radicals in Iraq. The deadline has now passed and Christian leaders have not heard any news about the two: Father Pius Affas, 68, and Father Mazen Ishoa, in his 30s, who served in the Syrian Catholic Church in Iraq.

The two priests were ministering in Mosul when they were abducted on October 13. According to reports, Fr. Affas’ Mosul parish had received written threats from Muslim extremists prior to the kidnapping.

Comments: We need to remember these two priests in our prayers. Also, Christians in Iraq really do need our constant prayers. The Christian community has suffered tremendously since the beginning of the war. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to leave their homes, communities, and churches behind due to continuing persecution by Jihadists.

(For other articles on Christian persecution see: VOM Persecution Blog)

**Update: The two priests were freed unharmed -Sunday AM-10/21/07            *Top

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1 Response to Deadline Passes for Kidnapped Priests in Iraq

  1. Jessie Jacklin

    I am NOT surprised that you have not received comments on the kidnapping of these gentlemen. After all, they are CHRISTIANS, a very low priority in today’s world. However, when aid is required, Christians are among the first to respond VERY generously! J.J.

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