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Culture //Clashes// of the Week

by Dr. D ~ October 19th, 2007

The ‘culture conflict’ between people of faith and secularists in America continues and is alive and unfortunately well. Here are are two feature stories of the week:

1. ‘The Chocolate Jesus’ is Resurrected?

This is all in the name of art and freedom of course. If the artist really wanted to prove something, he would make a chocolate ‘Muhammad’ and put it on exhibit in Cairo or Islamabad. I wonder what the results would be in that case?

2. Disney Takes ‘God’ out of the Ads for the New ‘Ten Commandments’ Movie?

Hopefully in the movie there are references to God. How can you have the ‘Ten Commandments’ without him? Anyway a firestorm has erupted over that one. Talk about alienating your target audience!             *Top

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