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Muslim Scholars: A Call for Peace Between Muslims and Christians

by Dr. D ~ October 12th, 2007

At the close of Ramadan, over 130 major Muslim scholars and leaders penned a 29 page document calling for greater understanding and peace between Christians and Muslims. Document was sent to various Christian leaders including Pope Benedict and Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams.

The document was loaded with quotes from both the Koran and the Bible establishing a common theological basis for understanding and peace between the two world religions. Here is one quote from the letter:

“Muslims and Christians together make up well over half of the world’s population. Without peace and justice between these two religious communities, there can be no meaningful peace in the world. The future of the world depends on peace between Muslims and Christians.”

Comments: This is a major development that everyone hopes will lead to greater communication and understanding between leaders of the two major religions. The call for peace is similar to a letter recently circulated by the Vatican. In that document, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran called for all people of faith to work together. Hopefully that will be the case in the future. Hopefully moderating voices will drown out and censure the radical calls for persecution and violence particularly within Islam.             *Top

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